Thursday, September 13, 2007

# 23 Final Thoughts

It has been a long journey, complicated by the fact we were down two people in the branch for most of the summer. Getting an overview of the various technologies will be useful in my job. I did sign up for Merlin to hopefully keep abreast of technology in Maryland. Flickr was especially interesting to me as I really wasn't familiar with it at all. I think I could get into it on a personal basis and it is good that you can limit access. I remember a discussion years ago about doing storytimes and booktalks in a video format -- and now we have podcasting! Folksonomy tagging is so logical. The avatar was just fun. I would be interested in this type of training in the future -- with it being a little simpler, maybe not so many elements.

# 22 Audiobooks

I set up an account in NetLibrary as practice and searched for different titles. Some of my favorites from many years ago were not to be found in audio format.

# 21 podcasts

I liked the podcasts of storytimes and book talks. I tried to add the Denver Public Library as an RSS feed to this blog. Clicking on the RSS feed link would only go into the Microsoft feeds, not Bloglines where I have an account.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

# 14 Technorati

First I had to discover I had to go to advanced search before I could do anything related to the assignment. Once there, I searched three different ways for "Library 2.0." The tag search offers breakdowns of blogs and visual media (videos and photographs). The blog directory gave me a list of 382 blogs, with the ability to sort by relevance. Searching by blog posts has to be done through search.technorati.come and led to a list of 4,596 -- with an additional choice to search by language as well as relevance.

# 20 YouTube

Who knew there would be over 6,000 videos on beagles?

# 13 and tagging

The idea of using a folksonomy for tagging is so logical. Tags are created and more easily searched with user-defined headings, not formal subject headings. I think is more useful than just being able to access your favorites/bookmarks from anywhere online. The ability of others to also view your choices can help their searches.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

# 12 Beagle Rollyo

I added a Beagle Rollyo to my blog in the form of a page element in layout. Rollyo saves reinventing the wheel for searches that you do most often or for searches on subjects you are most interested in.